Free Will: A figment of our imagination?

The latest from RadioLab (If you don’t have time to listen now, you can download the mp3 and listen to it later.): Einstein’s Theory of Relativity may have implications on the concept of choice. Namely, that there is none. Do we choose what movie to see tonight? No. (It’s already been chosen, some say.) Do we choose to wiggle our finger? No. (Already wiggled.)

This hour of Radio Lab features conversations with scientists and an entire cast of characters who are all waging battle against time – or at least the common sense view of time. We’ll visit a particle accelerator where scientists recreate the moment just after the beginning of time…and also a Dublin artist whose life is a 19 century time-experiment. We end in the Mojave desert, where geologic time flows like a frozen hourglass. (Some of the interviews are a bit eccentric, but lend themselves to appreciating time as a matter of perspective which evolves as the program unfolds.)

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