8-bit Nostalgia

Years ago, in a galaxy far far away … as an 11 year old, I had an Amiga. It was an amazing computer for it’s time and it captured my imagination. It had a mac’ish feel to it, but it was unique. It was the Workbench! The Amiga brings back a time to me when using a computer was new and exciting and above all, fun. Hours would pass in my world while I’d enjoy using it (as well as other computers such as the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A as well as the Atari 800XL). Of course later the 286’s and 486’s came into being, but that’s another story.

Ars Technica has recently published an article (part 2 coming next week) about the origins of the Amiga (originally named Hi-Toro) and how the dream of Jay Miner evolved from his involvement with Atari.

Another interesting site is the Amiga Forever Homepage which houses the award-winning Amiga preservation, emulation and support package which runs on current operating systems.

They also have a premium package for sale which offers more than 5 hours of video on DVD showing archival footage and interviews with the creators of the Amiga.

There’s just something about these old computers that invigorates and brings me back to the days when, at least to me, using a computer was a very special experience. Of course the nostalgia of childhood probably has something to do with it, but it was during these early years that I established my understanding and firm interest in these subjects. I’m sure I’ll be postinig more about these topics in the future.

Optional: Another well-written history of the Amiga.

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