A Prairie Home Companion comes to RSS.

While I thought the movie was just “ok”, I really do enjoy the radio show and I thought it’d be worth making a blog entry. I’ve always enjoyed NPR programming and a Prairie Home Companion offers a calming, warm, well . . . prairie-feeling, if there ever was such a thing. Garrison Keillor’s voice is soothing (just like Bob Ross‘ voice from The Joy of Painting) and his shows are equally so. The shows themselves are very entertaining, witty and hearkens to the time of classic radio performances.

I often think we’ve lost something in the art of the good radio show, while certainly TV and Movies are a great medium, it ‘s the effort our imagination offers that often makes an experience much more enjoyable (and longer lasting). Just like a good book meshes your mind’s eye with the text, a good radio program can bring together your personal memories and imagination for a more enjoyable experience. While a full blown movie can be entertaining and exicting, it’s more of a spectator sport. A good book or radio performance allows an audience to pariticpate.

I’ve recently noticed that the Prairie Home Companion’s News from Lake Wobegon and the Writer’s Almanac have both become podcasts! I applaud Garrison Keillor’s creativity, he’s a master storyteller and I enjoy his work thoroughly, especially the News from Lake Wobegon segments.

Again, those who think they got an accurate measure of the Prairie Home Companion from the movie are missing out (not once does the movie even mention Lake Wobegon!), I encourage you to check out their performances.

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