8-bit Nostalgia: Part III

The Prototype:

The Lorraine Prototype (Later to become the Amiga 1000).

This is part 3 in the Ars Technica series on the origins of the Amiga, it’s quite an amazing tale of 90+ hour workweeks with the challenge of creating an operating system from scratch after the developers realzied that, “. . . CPM and MSDOS [were] poor designs. So, [they] started creating [their] own OS design, even before the Amiga came along.”

What I’m happy to learn at the end of this article is that Ars Technica plans to continue this series covering Amiga’s official launch and its early years with an established product.

From Wikipedia: In 1996 PC World rated the Amiga 1000 as the 7th greatest PC of all time [1]. In 2007 it was rated by the same magazine as the 37th best tech product of all time [2].

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