The amusement of the ads …

Just a bit of nostalgia, I can’t resist posting a few legendary videos about that most-nostalgic period when the old PC wars were alive and well, and the ads that fueled them . . . some are old, and some not so old.

MS-DOS 5: The Revolution Begins.

Winsongs 95: Order yours now!

PC vs. MAC: Southpark Style.

The beautfy of the Macintosh: MAC ad style.

Vista: Oh the vista . . .

. . . Bloatware.

Of course my all time favorite . . . stand aside, eh hem let the PENGUIN THROUGH PLEASE . . . 5, 4, 3, 2, and the most innovative one yet, drumroll please . . . UBUNTU (the GUI shown is available right now and is known as Compiz Fusion running with GNOME on Ubuntu.)

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