Hotwire: A contemporary shell

Hotwire is a Python-based object oriented crossplatform command execution shell. It is a part of the GoogleCode Project.

Hotwire is not a terminal emulator, nor is it something you can set as your Unix “login shell”; instead, Hotwire unifies the concepts of shell and terminal and can natively do about 80-90% of what one would normally do in a terminal+shell.

It’s perfect as an augmented command line interface for those running desktop linux like Ubuntu.

Practically speaking, Hotwire provides a modern command interface for developers and system administrators to interact with the computer.

Hotwire is Free Software and runs on Linux (with GNOME) and Windows (HotwireWindows).

Click here for the homepage and here for the .deb file for Debian/Ubuntu users.

Right click the image below and click View Image for a screenshot.

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