SUN to certify more of its servers for Ubuntu

Having recently acquired MySQL and Innotek (makers of VirtualBox, the open source VMware) SUN is clearly reading the tea leaves and can see the trends. SUN has been a friend to the open source community for years, having forged Star Office, the forebearer of OpenOffice and releasing the source code for Solaris OS. They’re also co-sponsoring Ubuntu Live which will debut in July 2008.

SUN announced that they’re going to further certify their servers with Ubuntu Linux. At this time there’s no plans to release Hardy Heron (8.04) for the SPARC processor, though SUN will be certifying their x86 line of servers with Ubuntu, and their more of their SPARC servers with earlier versions of Ubuntu which have been released for SPARC processors.

At Ubuntu Live, expect SUN to announce how MySQL, OpenOffice and Ubuntu will evolve with SUN to meet customers’ needs.

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