Hans Reiser convicted of murder

The creator of ReiserFS, the famous and robust Linux journaled file system was convicted of murdering his wife after 2 years of court wrangling. I don’t know enough about the case to know if he was truly guilty or innocent, but it seems for at least the next 25 years (minimum for his murder conviction) his life will be become very difficult.

Technically speaking, ReiserFS is an amazing file system, my preferred file system for all my external drives and internal systems. While Reiser4 was being worked on, it’s not ready for primetime and likely never will be ready. It appears other large distros like SuSE have switched back to ext3 since ReiserFS may become a dead filesystem now.

I feel that ReiserFS is itself a tried and tested file system, though I do have great concern about this development. I never cared for the performance of ext3 and while ext4 is in development, it will be some time before it’s ready.

For my own systems I plan to stick with ReiserFS for now (not reiser4) and perhaps consider XFS or JFS (my research shows XFS to be one of the better file systems, but I have not yet personally tested it.)

Here are a few good artciles on the possible fate of ReiserFS due to Hans Reiser’s current real life issues.

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