Howto Convert Vmware Image to Virtualbox Image or Import Vmware Image into Virtualbox

Note:- Before Converting make a backup copy of your vmware image

Solution 1

We are going to use qemu-img tool to this.QEMU disk image utility

First Install qemu  qemu-img is included with qemu package using the following command

sudo apt-get install qemu

Convert a VMWare Image to VirtualBox Image

Convert VMWare image called whatever.vmdk to /tmp/debian.bin (or a path of your choice).

qemu-img convert debian.vmdk /tmp/debian.bin

Now use VBoxManage to get back image in native format:

VBoxManage convertdd /tmp/debian.bin debian.vdi

Solution 2

VirtualBox can run VMs created by VMware Workstation or Server for this you need to import vmdk files using the following procedure

  • Start Virtual Box
  • Goto File > Virtual Disk Manager
  • Click Add.  Locate and select the copied .vmdk file. Click OK.
  • Create a New VM as usual using the added vmdk file
  • Boot the VM

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