Remixable textbooks by peer-reviewed authors for community use in education.

I came across an interesting service for educators and students: Flatworld Knowledge. Creative Commons licensed textbooks for students, allowing professors to edit and adopt textbooks to their own needs and requirements. Also a lot cheaper than classic textbooks, these are available for reading online, or for low priced printing in hardbound editions, or printable via PDF. The texts also include teacher supplements such as instructor manuals, lecture slides and tests.

Once a professor has chosen to customize a textbook, it gets a unique URL allowing students of the class in question to download or publish on-demand the customized textbook. I found the subject catalog a bit limiting right now, but I would expect that to grow over time. This site is still worth examining if one is an educator or student looking for community driven, affordable teaching/learning materials. Some authors also put out podcasts on their books, accessible from the site. I’m also sure Flatworld Knowledge would enjoy hearing from some who are interested in writing a textbook of their own for peer review and publication by them.

I noticed there aren’t any textbooks about computer science: perhaps some out there is willing to change that!