How to update your system to the latest/greatest Libreoffice directly

I like to be running the latest version of Libreoffice, since the repositories are often behind the times and bug fixes are coming very frequently. You could do it through a PPA, but I prefer the direct .deb files.

Make sure you’ve downloaded the right version of Libreoffice — in my case, it was the 32-bit Debian version (all .deb files). I downloaded the torrent file and opened it using the torrent downloader Transmission to download the main program (about 150megs). I didn’t bother with the separate help file, since I google most of my Libreoffice questions. Extract the archive to a temporary directory. I already had Libreoffice installed, but it was an older version. It extracts to 2 main directories, a DEBS directory and underneath that a desktop-integration directory.

sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice*.* (purges all aspects of the current install of libreoffice. If you had OpenOffice installed, you could just type: sudo apt-get remove –purge openoffice*.*)

sudo apt-get autoremove (removes unwanted, associated libraries)

Change directory to your extracted files, where all the .deb files are located (the path of the extracted archive will look something like LibreOffice_4.1.0.4_Linux_x86_deb/DEBS).

sudo dpkg -i ./*.deb (this will install all the numerous .deb files in this directory)

Change directory to the desktop-integration directory. New versions of Libreoffice (4.1 and up) seem to have removed the separate desktop-integration directory and integrated it into the core debs directory … so the initial dpkg install command should include desktop integration. So running the next command below may not be needed in newer version of LibreOffice.

sudo dpkg -i ./*.deb (just an easy way to install the single .deb file here, this will set up desktop integration to your current desktop).

Once this is done, you’re all good to go!

When running Libreoffice calc, you may see the formula bar missing (a little quirk), just go to the menu up to, go to View, then check off “Formula Bar”.