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find file types in a path (recursively) and copy them all to 1 location

Find file types in a path (recursively) and copy them all to 1 location: *.mp3 could be “.jpg or *.whatever.

Setting up OpenVPN on your Debian-based Linux Server

I’ve written extensively about using SSH to to create a “poor man” proxy to protect your data when connecting to an untrusted network (for example in a Starbucks cafe or a hotel). Using an SSH connection with a SOCKS5 proxy is often cumbersome and not all applications natively support the SOCKS protocol. A simpler method …

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Hilarious: Little girl hacks into her father’s computer using her Raspberry Pi

This video is precious. This precocious little girl can’t be more than 8 or 9 year’s old. She uses her Raspberry Pi to SSH into her father’s Mac and doesn’t readily reveal how she got his password either …! She run’s a who command to list up her father’s shells, runs a top command to find a …

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How to securely backup LUKS-encrypted partitions, incrementally.

These days, security is at the forefront of many computer users’ minds. Running your primary machine with encryption is important to ensure privacy and security. Generally, the most common form of partition level encryption for Linux machines is the LUKS encryption specification which is directly supported by the Linux kernel. Most file level backup applications …

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The Ultimate Open Source Software List for 2015

A master list of over 1200 applications organized by category, this Ultimate Open Source Software List is a great repository of applications if you’re looking for a solution to a specific problem. From backup applications to cloud infrastructure to paint programs and games, the list is expansive and thorough and listed alphabetically by category. Each …

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Backup your GMail to your local hard drive, or any other Google service based files

Here’s a great feature by Google – they allow you to backup (download) your Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, the contents of your Google Drive, Google Books, Google Voice, Hangouts and other services that may host your content. This is great if you want a local backup of all your data. Unfortunately, it seems you cannot ask …

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BadUSB – Turning devices evil. Once reprogrammed, benign devices can turn malicious in many ways, including: A device can emulate a keyboard and issue commands on behalf of the logged-in user, for example to exfiltrate files or install malware. Such malware, in turn, can infect the controller chips of other USB devices connected to the …

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Mail Server in a Box

Pretty interesting group of applications. I can see where this has merit for easy deployment of a mail server, though I think SPAM filtering might be a headache.   Mail-in-a-Box

NetHogs: A simple ‘net top’ tool

A great little application that runs in a shell prompt to let you know which applications are eating your bandwidth – live. Then run . . . . . . from your shell prompt and enjoy the detailed information! One odd caveat though: I had a Windows virtual machine running under Virtualbox that was using …

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Command line based bandwidth speed test

Speedtest-CLI Simply retrieve the python script: Then make the downloaded script executable and execute it (the below commands assume you’re in the same directory as the downloaded file): Execute the command and enjoy a hassle-free, simple bandwidth speed test application from your shell prompt. (Source)

Convert MKV files to M4V files

MKV files are great — the format offers excellent compression and high quality video bit for bit. I do find that when I try to play MKV files on my Blu-Ray or Samsung TV (via USB device) it will not fast forward or rewind. The fix is to change the container to an mpeg 4 …

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How to secure public WIFI connections on PC’s, Laptops and Android devices

Wifi connections are convenient and are nearly essential these days for most users. However, securing your connection can be complex and difficult, especially if using a free wifi hotspot at an airport, hotel or cafe. If you have the option, using a VPN is often a simple, effective way to create a secure connection. However, …

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SSH: On the fly port forwarding.

[Post Updated] Once inside an SSH session, you may realize that you need to reach another box via the local port redirect (-L 1234: for example). Most people think you need to kill your SSH session to add a new -L option, then reinitiate the SSH session; this is NOT true. You can open an …

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For those who need the USS Enterprise engine noise in the background

SoX is the “Sound Exchange”  –  the swiss army knife of audio manipulation in Linux. It offers a lot of functionality. One of the cool/nerdy things you can do with SoX is generate tones or white noise. To that end, if you’d like to hear the USS Enterprise’s warp engines running in the background while you …

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Something wicked happened resolving

Looks like the medibuntu folks have called it quits on their repository. Anyone who still has medibuntu in their Linux repos should remove it. If they don’t, they’ll see error messages similar to this when they perform their periodic sudo apt-get update command: or Some Google searches imply this is a DNS issue when in fact, medibuntu …

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The poor man’s SSH server, complete with DNS redirects.

For years I’ve been using SSH (redirecting local ports to IPs within range of the SSH server) as a poor man’s version of a VPN. It’s more convenient for me and also, my VPN server manufacturer doesn’t have a proper VPN client for linux <smirk>. Of course when running Windows in a VM, I get …

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Public Key Encryption – a depthful explanation for beginners: Part 2

In my last post I briefly discussed and posted videos discussing the basic concepts of public key encryption. In this post I shall go over the basic process of creating a public/private key pair for yourself as well as basic usage for exporting, importing keys and sending files and/or messages. First of all, I located …

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Public Key Encryption – a depthful explanation for beginners: Part 1

I’ve been asked by various people recently about encryption for secure communications. This is a very complex topic involving very advanced principles. Implementing a method to communicate securely over a digital connection (such as e-mail or live chat) can be very difficult for the average user. Over a series of blog posts, I shall attempt …

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Godmother of Unix admins Evi Nemeth presumed lost at sea

Evi Nemeth (73 years old) literally wrote the book on Unix. From The Register: The New Zealand authorities have formally called off the search for the sailing cruiser Nina, and say its seven-person crew, which includes Evi Nemeth who for the last 30 years has written the system administration handbooks for Unix and Linux, is now presumed …

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Alternative to SoundConverter: PACPL. The Perl Audio Converter.

I’ve had issues with SoundConverter on Linux. It wouldn’t always transcode my FLAC files to MP3 (or any other format for that matter). It would often just cut out … stopping the transcoding at random points in each FLAC file. It also was very light on features. I was researching ways to manually transcode FLAC …

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Richard Stallman Inducted into the 2013 Internet Hall of Fame

…from … The Internet Hall of Fame inducted Stallman for his contributions as creator of the GNU Project, main author of the GNU General Public License, and his philosophical contributions as founder of the free software movement. Stallman has been named an Innovator, a category which recognizes and celebrates individuals who made outstanding technological, commercial, or …

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How to record your desktop with audio from a mic feed in Linux

Simple command, using FFMPEG: Change your desktop resolution from 1360×768 to match your desktop. If needed, the option “-vol 500” amplifies the volume 5x. This may be needed on some mics that do not have any mic boost set (I had to use it on mine). You can increase this number to 1000 or 2000 …

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TMate – instant terminal sharing

This reminds me of TeamViewer, but for the terminal shell. TMate. I haven’t yet had a need to share my terminal with anyone, but this is amusing and could be useful someday. Some of you may find it very helpful.

Convert Flash Videos (.flv) to MPEG with FFMPEG

If you download YouTube videos (using youtube-dl for example) you may want to convert them to mpeg for people who may have troubel viewing FLV files (perhaps Windows users who aren’t very technical). The easy command is: ffmpeg -i ./input.flv -sameq -ar 44100 ./output.mpg The -sameq tells ffmpeg to maintain the same video quality as …

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How to extend your SUDO timeout

This annoyed me for a while. The default timeout on SUDO in Linux is pretty short …. and I wanted it extended. The easy way to do it is: sudo visudo Then, look for the line: Defaults        env_reset From here, simply add to the end of the line: Defaults       …

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