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GET LAMP: A documentary on text-based adventures

Computer games in the early 1980s depended more on imagination than graphics cards. In the early days of computer gaming, PC’s offered text based adventures, the most famous of which were the Infocom adventures of ZORK. Text-based adventures started in the late 1970s and were popular well into the 90s. They were a great blend …

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8-bit Nostalgia: Part V

Ars Technica continues it’s fascinating history of the Amiga and Commodore in part 5 of this series. In this installment, they discuss the struggles of the Amiga due to poor advertising, and the Commodore suffering at the hands of the very-rushed Atari ST. Also, The laptop that never was: The Commodore Laptop with an LCD …

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8-bit Nostalgia: Part IV

Enter the Commodore: The complex tale of how Amiga, Commodore and Atari all helped and hurt each other in the scrape to reach the top. Who knew they’d all fall prey to the same enemy. This fascinating series continues from Ars Technica, and soon part 5 will be released continuing this amazing saga. History of …

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8-bit Nostalgia: Part III

The Prototype: The Lorraine Prototype (Later to become the Amiga 1000). This is part 3 in the Ars Technica series on the origins of the Amiga, it’s quite an amazing tale of 90+ hour workweeks with the challenge of creating an operating system from scratch after the developers realzied that, “. . . CPM and …

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8-bit Nostalgia: Part II

Part II of the short history of the Amiga has been published at Ars Technica, worth reading. I talked about Part I in an earlier post Part III will be coming out next week: The first prototype.

8-bit Nostalgia

Years ago, in a galaxy far far away … as an 11 year old, I had an Amiga. It was an amazing computer for it’s time and it captured my imagination. It had a mac’ish feel to it, but it was unique. It was the Workbench! The Amiga brings back a time to me when …

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