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How to transcode any video format to h264 (android-playable and/or G1) format.

The G1 has a chip in it that handles h264 encoded video (the same video codec used for YouTube videos), though format and scaling when transcoding video from other formats was a problem for me. With a lot of research and tweaking, the commands below seem to work very well for transcoding any video source …

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Android netbooks on their way, likely by 2010.

Amazing. The ramifications could be huge:

AndroidIRC for the Android OS (G1).

For Android (G1) users, a good IRC client, though still in beta and not yet on the market, so you’ll have to download the .apk file directly: be sure to go to your settings page on your G1, then to Applications, then check “unknown sources”, so you can download .apk files directly without having to …

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Convert your videos to .3gp format for viewing on cell phones and smartphones

After much pain and research with ffmpeg and mencoder, I stumbled upon MMC – Mobile Media Converter. It seems to be a front end to FFMPEG, but works seamlessly. It has quality presets, as well as customizable transcoding quality settings, for those who don’t want to lose their framerates. If you’re looking to convert your …

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