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Crashplan – Excellent online backup resource

For $100/year CrashPlan will store an *unlimited* amount of data and keep it for you in case of local failure of your storage devices. The excellent feature here is that they support Linux (rare for online storage offerings), Mac as well as Windows. If you plan to backup more than 100GB, they offer and recommend …

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Using DD to backup your partitions, or Clonezilla.

A well-written article on how to backup an entire partition using DD. Another way to do this is to use CloneZilla.

How to properly backup your system using TAR

Source: help.ubuntu.com Preparing for backup Just a quick note. You are about to back up your entire system. Don’t forget to empty your Wastebasket, remove any unwanted files in your /home directory, and cleanup your desktop. Depending on why you’re backing up, you might want to: Delete all your emails Clear your browser search history …

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