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Dell to come out with its own the Mini Inspiron to compete with the EEE PC

I wonder if it will also run Linux? I hope so. The unit looks quite slick, I might even consider getting one myself — but only if it runs Linux, of course. The unit specifications are expected to be as follows: Atom 1.6 GHz, 3 USB ports, Ethernet, Card reader, Kensington lock, Adapter socket, Mic/line-out, …

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The woman with (21) different accents.

Amazing, she could be a great voice actor, especially for animated work. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Free Online File Format Conversions: Zamzar

Recently, I received an MS Office 2007 Excel file — the file extension is .xlsx. Apparently Open Office does not support this format yet, and neither does older versions of MS Office. Luckily I stumbled on a site that performs free file format conversions, from almost any format to any other format, including music, video, …

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IP Global Positioning

This site will tell you from exactly where an IP originates and offers the ISP Vendor as well. IP Global Positioning

Tomb of the Unknown Geek

Paperback: Write data you want to keep to actual PAPER.

PaperBack is a free application that allows you to back up your precious files on ordinary paper in the form of oversized bitmaps. If you have a good laser printer with 600 dpi resolution, you can save up to 500,000 bytes (just under 1/2 a megabyte)of uncompressed data on the single A4/Letter sheet. For a …

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USB 3.0 (coming in 2008).

USB 3.0 will be 10x faster than USB 2.0. From the article . . . The current USB 2.0 version has a top data-transfer rate of 480 megabits per second, so a tenfold increase would be 4.8 gigabits per second. Many devices don’t need that much capacity, but some can use more, including hard drives, …

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HTML + License Plates = COOL

For those that may not know, ff0000 is the hex code for the color red.