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Free Online File Format Conversions: Zamzar

Recently, I received an MS Office 2007 Excel file — the file extension is .xlsx. Apparently Open Office does not support this format yet, and neither does older versions of MS Office. Luckily I stumbled on a site that performs free file format conversions, from almost any format to any other format, including music, video, …

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UC Berkeley puts hundreds of academic lectures on YouTube

The University of California at Berkeley has joined the ranks of YouTube partners by providing a number of full course lectures and other special events through YouTube. The school announced the availability of its own YouTube channel yesterday, with over 300 hours of video available on YouTube. This includes lectures on bioengineering, physics, chemistry, peace …

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SendUIt: The way to send large files to others & 2BrightSparks.

On occasion I need to send a large file to a friend of colleague, that’s too large for e-mail. I could use an FTP or ask the person to initiate an SSH session to one of my many Linux boxes, but sometimes the person I’m trying to give the file to is not tech-savvy to …

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