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NetHogs: A simple ‘net top’ tool

A great little application that runs in a shell prompt to let you know which applications are eating your bandwidth – live. Then run . . . . . . from your shell prompt and enjoy the detailed information! One odd caveat though: I had a Windows virtual machine running under Virtualbox that was using …

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Command line based bandwidth speed test

Speedtest-CLI Simply retrieve the python script: Then make the downloaded script executable and execute it (the below commands assume you’re in the same directory as the downloaded file): Execute the command and enjoy a hassle-free, simple bandwidth speed test application from your shell prompt. (Source)

Convert MKV files to M4V files

MKV files are great — the format offers excellent compression and high quality video bit for bit. I do find that when I try to play MKV files on my Blu-Ray or Samsung TV (via USB device) it will not fast forward or rewind. The fix is to change the container to an mpeg 4 …

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30 Great Tutorials for using GIMP

The open source alternative to Photoshop, GIMP has some awesome abilities. This site has 30 awesome tutorials with YouTube video links on all topics from photo manipulation to typography.