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How to secure public WIFI connections on PC’s, Laptops and Android devices

Wifi connections are convenient and are nearly essential these days for most users. However, securing your connection can be complex and difficult, especially if using a free wifi hotspot at an airport, hotel or cafe. If you have the option, using a VPN is often a simple, effective way to create a secure connection. However, …

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Practical attacks on WEP & WPA (published).

Practical attacks on WEP & WPA, including WPA packet injection: Details (PDF): http://tinyurl.com/56j63s. More here: http://tinyurl.com/8erk74. From the site: The attack is essentially a variant of the chopchop attack used against WEP secured networks, which surfaced in early 2005. The name “chopchop attack” is a nod to the KoreK-developed chopchop tool, which allows the user …

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WPA (wifi encryption) is still weak and easy to crack (as expected)

Here’s a good article on the subject. Here’s also a good HowTo crack WPA.

WPA / WPA2 … as insecure as I expected

Wireless encryption stinks. It always has. Generally, the way I secure my wireless is first to engage MAC filtering (not at all secure, but at least filters out the newbies), then I engage an SSH tunnel to a trusted box @ home with the dynamic application-level port forwarding which allows the SSH server to act …

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